My Dino...

This is my toy car: A 1974 (Ferrari) Dino 308 GT4. 3 liter V8, 255 hp, 265 kph (!) and sooooo much fun... It's a rough diamond, it is loud, it smells, it snorts, stutters, spits out flames, corners like it's on rails, and did I mention that it is sooooo much fun?

Unexpected bonus of owning this car is that it has proven to be the perfect way to meet a whole bunch of great people. Some of them having nice cars, some being very gifted with a camera, all of them enthusiastic and many of them among my best friends. These are a bunch of photos, taken at some of the numerous meetings that we've had. Enjoy! I certainly do....

And yes, I know. This page is waaaaaaay too long, and downloading all photos might take forever. Too bad. I'm not in the mood yet to split it up :-)


Italy trip September 2010

Because one trip to Italy is not enough to last the year... Transportation to and from Italy with a twist. To was brilliant!

Part of the gang at the staircases of a Ryanair flight to Bergamo, where we would be re-united with our cars. Left to right: Me, Marc, Wilma, Franc, Michel, Fred, Robin, Cor, Martin, Henk, Mirella, Erik

With Dirk's GoPro video camera mounted to the side window. Good for some nice shots! (video is in HD, so if you view full screen, set to 720p HD rather than 480p)

Somehow, a lot of people think that a Dino is a slow car. I beg to differ!

The next day, it was off to see the start of the Nuvolari rally. Sort of a miniature version of the Mille Miglia. Sorry for the rather mediocre iPhone quality. That's because it was filmed using... an iPhone...

Okay, that does it. I will not get myself a Challenge Stradale. I don't fit in it!!

Last day was spent driving a lot of motorway kilometers. With the Dino being loud as it is, I chose to put my aviation noise cancelling headset. Nice and silent, albeit looking a bit dorky...

And as always, Henk has made another brillant video of it, of which this is the trailer:


2010 Concours d'Elegance, Apeldoorn

Visiting the concours d'elegance at the Loo Palace (yes, I know, no pun intended, it's really called that way, in ancient Dutch Loo means forest). Nice touch: visitors in classic cars get free parking very close to the actual concours (and thus become part of the exhibition). When visiting the concours some 8 years ago, we wandered the grounds aimlessly, enjoying the cars. This time, it proved a place to bump into a lot of friends. We are all so predictable ;-). Good fun though, and we ended the day by taking three Ferrari's for a drive in the Veluwe area and a nice dinner with 5 of us..


2010 Veluwerit

In September, Peter, Marc and families organized a trip for a 30-some exoticts - mostly Ferraris - and their owners. Great weather and good fun with good friends. Lotte joining me for the day.

For a brief moment, I was tempted. I LOVE driving with the top down, and since I mostly drive the Dino in good weather, it really makes sense to have a rag top. But... chosing between "just" an F355 spider or what's possibly one of the best performing AND looking 308GT4's in the world today, that provokes thumbs up from classic car owners, rather than agression from people who feel that you are a poser... Not all that hard. Still, the drive in the 355 was a LOT of fun!


2010 Le Mans

Michiel and I decided to join David and his gang at the 2010 Le Mans races. Good fun, even the camping between 1000's of crazy Brits on the parking lot a.k.a. campground. Most important lesson learned: close a tent's zipper all the way if you don't want to find your clothing, passport, car papers, and everything swimming in 10 cm of water the next morning.

F40 with failed thermostatic cooling fan switch. Same thing that happened to Cor in Italy. Easy fix.


Italy trip May 2010 - Mille Miglia

Marc and Mirella were contestants in the 2010 Mille Miglia in their tiny little 1948 Fiat Zanussi - which was quickly dubbed Brum. We followed them whereever we could. Great fun!


Limburg trip, April 2010

In April 2010, Bart organized a trip in his local area- Limburg. Roughly 60 cars, again mostly Ferrari's, showed up.


Bare metal respray

I took the car to Alsa automotive, a specialist in Wales, where she has been stripped down to bare metal and was to undergo a complete respray. It took a while, but the results are staggering!

Can you spot the car??

Click here for the complete photo gallery of the respray.

These were taken after picking her up in Wales...


Dyno time

Two clips of the Dino on the Dyno. 213 rwhp, which translates to 257 hp on the crank. Better than new!!!! It does explain the outstanding performance of this little thing though. 265 kph (165 mph) and still power to spare (but no rpms left)


Chassis and suspension refurbishment

One of the fun parts of these old Ferrari's is that the technology is so very straightforward. And thus, I can do a lot of work on it myself.

First, I upgraded the suspension - springs and shocks, plus the wheels. This made a HUGE difference in road holding.

I also changed the muffler. I've got an X-OST stainless steel muffler on there now. It's loud and sounds wonderful.

Then it was time to work on the chassis. I've sanded the entire frame and re-painted it with POR15. Then I took the suspension off, powder coated everything, fitted new rubber bushings and a thicker anti-roll bar. That helped road holding even more.

Click here for the complete photo gallery of the chassis and suspension refurbishment


FChat goes Italy 2009, the preview,

Every year, Henk spends countless hours making a roughly 1-hour movie of the Italy trip(s) that year. The movie comes with a trailer. HIGHLY recommended to watch this one (and the 2008 one a bit further down this page).

Corsa a Italia 2009 from henkie on Vimeo.


Stelvio Pass, Italy. WOW


The back side of Stelvio, plus some more


Tunnel fun in Italy. Bad boys


New family member: Ivonne's 328 GTS

Ivonne liked my Dino and the kind of driving we did with a lot, but never felt really comfortable with the heavyness of the steering, clutch, shifting, etc. And so she got herself her own yellow 328.

We're no longer together, but this pic is too good not to keep:

A fun vid I put on youtube named "Crisis hits Holland hard"

Ivonne became a member of the Ferrari Club Netherlands. One of our first trips resulted in the now world-infamous flip-flop video. Note the number of views on youtube: More than 250,000! And this does not include the rip-offs that we came across on car sites in several asian countries!!

To clarify things: This is a multi-day event and the club had simply rented 60 bungalows in a holiday park.

Please excuse the heavy breathing in the beginning. We we supposed to depart right after that, so I had been running a bit to be able to film this. Comments are in Dutch, but you'll get the point.


Fchat goes Eiffel, september 2008


Pays Plat meeting, 19 september 2008


Beach boys (Summer 2008)

Just some fun. Quickly removed it from the roof when we went for a drive...


Dutch supercar Sunday (Spring 2008)


Ferrarichat goes Italy 2008

Italia 2008 from henkie on Vimeo.

(Mountain pass at Brennero heading North, from Austria into Italy)


Ferrarichat Deil meeting (April 2008)


Houten (spring 2008)


Rotterdam tunnel run (Fall 2007)


Amsterdam by night (Summer 2007)


Maarssen photo shoot (Summer 2007)


At the airport (spring 2007)